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Fundraising Event to Help Raise Funds for More Water

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una-gota-de-esperanzaHugo ‘El Gordo’ Cadelago believed that people crossing the border to United States through the desert shouldn’t die dehydrated.

This year honoring his memory, hundreds of El Gordo Cadelago’s friends and followers will revive “Una Gota de Esperanza”.

Last October, when the life of Hugo, “El Gordo Cadelago,” a veteran Hispanic radio speaker and devoted community service citizen, unexpectedly passed away in his beloved New York area; hundreds of his friends, colleagues, family and loyal listeners felt the lost of his unique personality. At the time we all decided to look into something special that will honor El Gordo’s life and memory.

WHAT: El Gordo always had a passion for helping others, especially our immigrant people in need. In that matter, there was a unanimous decision to resuscitate ‘Una Gota de Esperanza’. Since 2000, El Gordo joined forces with his devoted audience to help and support an organization named Water Station committed to save lives placing bottles of water around the California’ desert. Without their service and dedication hundreds of immigrants would die crossing the border from dehydration, looking for a better future.

WHEN: August is reported as the hottest month of the year on the desert. On Thursday August 20th 2015, we are sending open invitation to ALL Hispanic Radio Stations around the country and Mexico to join forces supporting on the air with twenty minutes on the period of two hours Radiothon “Una Gota de Esperanza”, with the purpose to collect water and donations from water station organization.

WHY: From wherever “El Gordo” is watching us now, he is celebrating that his work and dedication for many years, will be kept alive on his name. We the people who knew his enormous and caring heart, will help this year and the infinite others on their to keep filling up the Water Station’ supplies to save lives of women, men and kids on the California desert.

WHERE: In all the Radios, TV, Print and Social Media that confirm us of the support and desire to connect with the “Una Gota de Esperanza” team to celebrate El Gordo’ s life, and as team to be able to help others and saving more lives, just the way El Gordo did it.

AUDIO: On 2010 when El Gordo was invited to an interview with Maria Antonieta Collins to talk about the amazing work of Water Station.

Contact: Karina Rodriguez Email: mariposas0201@live.com Line : (872)202- 2731

What Is Water Station?

Our goal is to prevent people from dying of heat and dehydration while crossing the desert areas in the hot Summer months.

Volunteer Here or Call Laura: 619-318-0371


Volunteers Ready to Start Installing Water Stations

Water Station is a 501 C3 Non-Profit, volunteer organization.

In 2015 we are celebrating our 16th year of work.


Water Station deploys and maintains Water Stations in the Southern California Desert in the Imperial Valley Desert, Anza Borrego Park and surrounding areas.

You may have seen our characteristic blue, or orange and blue, flags along highway 98 or other parts of the Southern California Desert.

Volunteers Installing a Water Station

Volunteers Installing a Water Station